God stirred the leaders of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin to go to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple of the Lord.Ezra 1:5

“What Shall We Build?” is the theme and vision by which we are redeveloping, renovating, and renewing life at  Resurrection. As an oratory (prayer-based) Church, we are committed to building focus, momentum, and unity for an effective witness in the name of Jesus Christ throughout Tampa Bay and wherever God calls us to serve Him in the world

We are renovating our liturgical space to reflect devotion to God and commitment to the faith by which God’s grace permeates, illuminates, and enriches our world. This sacred space will be beautiful, because beauty is part of God’s worship.

As part of this renewal, we are also asking how God calls us to new and creative uses of our physical space. Is there a ministry that needs a new home? Is there a way to meet some need in our community by sharing some our space as part of outreach ministry?

This redevelopment challenges us to see our buildings not simply as possessions, but as gifts with which we have been entrusted for the sake of God’s growing kingdom.